The Darling Month of May

Obscured Sun - taken by me on iPhone 5

Obscured Sun – taken by me on iPhone 5

May is a hectic month for me. I’m approaching the second half of the university semester, assessments start piling up, I need to focus and get some study done so exams don’t hit me like a ton of dark matter. Making time for those that I love becomes more of a juggle. The days are growing darker and colder, scarves and boots and cardigans start to come into rotation. Jeans become my uniform along with the blackest of black opaque tights under dresses. How will I cope with the May Days……

  • Wash my makeup off before going to bed at night. I’m terribly slack when it comes to this and it shows. Dull skin is never fun and I feel crappy the next day.
  • Get back on the 30 days of Yoga wagon. Long hours spent sitting wreak havoc with my poor broken back.
  • Follow along with Smaggle’s┬ápackage free snacks. I’m terrible for grabbing “healthy” bars at the supermarket or sneaking in a cookie or strawberry freddo when I’m at university. Pre-packing some healthy snacks for the week ahead will keep me on track.

31 May Days, 1 down and 30 to go…..