April Polaroid

After being inspired to take stock of April by the wonderful Smaggle here is my list of where my April is at right now. After a sublime afternoon with my two favourite people I snapped the below while walking home. A red run poking out from the smoke and clouds. It’s burn off time here, makes for a spectacular sunset.


Cooking : chicken pot pies with cauli and leek mash instead of cheese sauce
Drinking : soda water – I needs those bubbles!
Reading: text books and trash Stephanie Plum novels
Looking: fly after getting my hair did again
Playing: Alt-J, Alt-J, Alt-J
Waiting: for more GOT
Loving: the 10 minutes of snuggle time with the D man between first and alarm
Pondering: babies, yes , no, maybe
Watching: Harry Potter, again
Hoping: for good marks in my assignments
Questioning: why do I attract needy people
Smelling: essential oils
Wearing: cardis and maxi dresses
Following: Smaggle! and her sleep talking boyfriend
Noticing: a calmness I have right now
Knowing: that I am loved
Thinking: about our next holiday
Bookmarking: articles on child anxiety
Coveting: mala beads from Tiny Devotions
Giggling: about being a mummy dinosaur and chasing my little guy around, after 8 years it’s still not old, for me anyway
Feeling: a bit tired
Snacking: apple slices with peanut butter and loving earth coco choc butter
Wishing: for a tiny bit more motivation


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